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Lancia Auto SA CC: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi
Lancia Auto SA CC: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi
Lancia Auto SA CC: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi   Reflections on Lancia in 2013 Lancia Auto SA CC / Parts / Ersatzteile / Ricambi
Lancia Auto SA CC / Parts / Ersatzteile / Ricambi
From: Lancia Auto ® Sales
Sent: 01 January 2014 04:21 PM
Subject: Reflections on Cape Town Lancias in 2013
Dear South African Lancia Driver
current, former and future
It has become a habit to write regular musings by various other players in the Lancia field, so instead of the usual Christmas wishes let me write a few words as well.
What comes across as most remarkable for last year is our surprising rise in workshop activities.
Never before have more cars been towed into our workshop ( often from other garages ) and luckily left on their own devices:)
I meant to send this last year, but only managed to finalized the story today.
Here are the Stories: 
( a note to the owners of the cars mentioned: If you could please provide a picture of your actual car )
Lancia Fulvia Rally 1.3 S
Truly the most expensive disaster. The car was extensively rebuild by a high class panel shop in Gauteng, and re-assembled by Tony Seiler in impeccable fashion.
However then the car moved to the Cape and in the last 5 year the car was handed from one mechanic in Capetown to the next, in a steady decline. Despite being kept meticulously clean by the accountant of the old Cape Lancia Club the car suffered eventually from complete system failure and was towed in to us.
It was so badly damaged, that it needed carburettors, distributor, starter and an overall investment of 20k to get it back going again.
It has eventually found a new home, and we sincerely hope it will have a better life.
Lancia Fulvia Rally 1.3 S
Another sad case of a Lancia, this time with the engine in the boot ( which sadly is a much too common occurrence ).
It was again an import from Gauteng where it was totally stripped, painted in metallic green and very well reassembled. Even quality rubber mats were cut to replace the original Lancia mats.
way better then the common cheap carpet replacement. For reason unbeknown to us, the owners son filled the radiator with oil, and after the engine overheated and one piston seized, the owners sons buddy dismantled the motor into every conceivable piece and deposited the debris in the boot.
When the car was towed in to us it was only supposed to lack an engine.
Once that was fitted, it tuned out, that steering, brakes and electrics were missing as well.....
The car eventually drove home, but is still very far from healthy.
Note: The steering disc on the picture passed a DEKRA test only 12 month earlier.
Lancia Fulvia Coupe S2
This car likewise was towed in as it did not want to start. It transpired that it must have been a home restoration job. Virtually every part in the engine compartment had to be set right before the car was able to co-operate, but eventually she did drive home......
 ( This is NOT the actual car )
Lancia Beta Spider:
The first car we ever worked on in SA. It fell of the radar in 1999. After standing for many years it was eventually resurrected by some other mechanic,
and was supposed to proudly serve as a transport for the owners son's matric ball. Unfortunately it died on the way ( very embarrassing for the lancia reputation )
As the other mechanic could not resurrect it, it was eventually towed to us: Diagnosis
Burnt ignition coil  maybe due to missing ballast resistor:
R 782.57 later, the car could drive home: wish it could always be that easy.
 ( this is NOT the actual car)
Thema 16V i.e. turbo
This car has been of the road for many years. Another mechanic reconditioned the engine, after that it was smoking badly. that was then blamed on the turbo charger.
It took years of trial and tribulations to get that reconditioned. Eventually the car smoked just like before. Eventually the car was reconditioned again my yet another another mechanic. However despite many desperate attempts, the double reconditioned engine did not want to start.
When it was towed in to us  we found a defect temperature sensor. With the new unit the car started instantly.
However more problems were to come as both reconditioning people had overlooked badly worn balance shaft bearings and did not adjust the tappets...
Which brings us to the next problem: All 4 active shock absorbers were extensively reconditioned by a well known shock absorber expert in Rondebosch.
Due to the engine delays, the units were only fitted 6 years later, and failed instantly. On physical inspection it appeared, that the well known expert has only changed the oil..... 
The last thing we heard is that the head gasket blew, most likely my replacement piston with too much compression fitted by the previous expert.
Now we will have to open the engine for the third and hopefully last time.
 ( This is NOT the actual car )
Lancia Thema 16v tb S3
One of the very rare S3 Themas in South Africa. The best Thema ever made.  The car was towed in with inexplicable petrol problems.
We removed and checked the injectors, but could not find anything.
Only the never failing genius of Vito Viglietti found that the computer box under the dashboard was filled with water.
Once it was dried, and a corroded wire replaced, the car could drive home.......
The few remaining Lancias in the Cape had to go through considerable suffering in the last year and the owners had to go through considerable financial losses  due to unqualified mechanics working on the cars.
While we are trying our best to keep the marquee alive, our capacity is limited, so we appeal to the support of the owners, to make sure that their Lancia is treated with the respect and qualification it deserves.
Yours Sincerely
Felix Furtak B.Eng. (Hons.)
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