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Google users please note:

For 28 years we have given personalized service to help you with your Lancia shopping endevour. However it has become a requirement by Google to offer an anonymous account to Google clients. We will have to comply and will change our shop accordingly.

Note the following:

  • As we dont know who you are and what car you have we cannot help you.
  • As we dont know where you are, we cannot calculate the shipping costs for you.

    So preferably create your own personal account, and if you must use the guest account only do that for browsing purposes you will not be able to purchase anything. Thank you.

  • My SituationExplanationAction to take
    I come from GOOGLE ShoppingYou are welcome. You may proceed as guest: continue
    I am here for the first timeIn order to give you a personalized service, please go and Register
    I have an account and want to log inYou may also use your email adress instead of your username
    I have already logged inIf you see your name on the left bar, you are already logged in Proceed to our online shop
    I have forgotten my passwordPlease dont create another account Click here. if you have forgotten your password.