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Lancia Auto ®: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi
Lancia Auto ®: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi
Lancia Auto ®: Parts Ersatzteile Ricambi   Lancia Auto ® / Parts / Ersatzteile / Ricambi
Lancia Auto ® / Parts / Ersatzteile / Ricambi

What others say about us...

16.06.2021 Mark Excellent Battery bracket, in very good condition
02.09.2018 Diego Excellent In original Fiat/Lancia bags, no sign of rust or corrosion on metal, plastics with no sign of sun or heat exposure, great packaging.
09.08.2016 JUAN perfect Excellent
17.10.2015 Tim They are beautiful! The tools arrived last week. They are beautiful!
19.01.2011 Anthony The best I have ever seen Firstly - love your on-line/web site - the best I have ever seen from an automotive services company, and sure to use it religiously over the next few years
08.12.2014 Mark A successful outcome The cars have arrived in Sydney at last, and here they are in my brother-in-law, Mark’s garage. He was stung huge import duty, more than the cost of getting the cars there! And he had a two week battle to get them out of the harbour. But all is forgotten and he is in heaven. Many happy hours to follow – so nice that he is just retired and has lots of time for projects. Thank you, once again, for all of your lovely help, some good laughs and a successful outcome, warmly, Getti
27.07.2008 Christian Extremely helpful and customer friendly Thank you for your interest, I did not realise that this was still an open issue. I have obtained a second hand fusebox from Malta. Thanks again for your interest and I hope to be able to make some required purchases from your company in the future as I found you extremely helpful and customer friendly.
04.02.2006 Arvid We enthusiasts need a supplier like You I must say You have an outstanding amount of very special and rare Lancia-parts. Keep up the good work ! We enthusiasts need a suplier like You.
10.04.2015 Daniel I trust you to solve my problem I trust you to solve my problem
05.02.2015 kevin Ease of use You have an amazing web site, ease of use is great, and I am using my mobile phone to access
25.04.2016 Jason Great Fitted perfectly
05.10.2016 Christopher As one would expect As one would expect for used car parts!
21.11.2016 Robert Very good Very good used original part
07.03.2016 paul Good Very good condition happy overall
07.03.2016 Thomas Very good Perfect service and quality of the delivered parts!
08.03.2016 Tim Super! As always, very high quality, well built tools and great service! Thank you.
08.03.2016 Gordon Excellent All good thanks.
25.04.2016 Piet Fine The second shipment did not include the clips. I made some
25.04.2016 YOSHIHIRO Genuine new parts with parts number label Something suitable in a safekeeping period.
14.03.2016 David Good Nothing, all is ok.
09.05.2016 Raimund Sehr gut Hallo Felix Habe die Radkappen und den vorerst fehlenden und dann nachgesendeten Federring erhalten. Ihr seid ja doch eine gute Firma mit Charakter. Danke Mit freundlichen Grüßen Mayer Raimund
11.03.2016 Avery Excellent Everything great; fast delivery.
18.04.2016 Raul Very good Everything arrived at a good time. Thank you
08.03.2016 Tom Excellent Great customer service with quick response to questions.
05.08.2015 Bernd Sehr gute Ware Schneller Versand, faire Preise
08.03.2016 Adam Very good Very good
08.03.2016 Robert Totally o.k. OK
17.04.2016 Jost Good Good investigation, what parts for what special type of car was really needed. fully usable parts.
07.03.2016 Justin In extraordinarily good condition. Thanks to the SA climate, and careful storage and packaging, these 45 year old parts reached me in the best possible condition! Great service!
07.03.2016 Allan As expected, very good quality :) The 8.32 waterpump looks like new and is expected to be mounted in the car later this year
31.10.2016 kevin Excellent Parts were second hand as they were described but perfectly useable and in good condition.
08.03.2016 Bernd Fine Fits well, even the reproduced parts
09.05.2016 Jan Good quality Good quality and fast delivery
11.07.2015 Carl Transmission part was excellent The transmission part I bought from was excellent
11.07.2015 Carl Interior door trim was excellent The interior door trim part I bought from was excellent
07.03.2016 Justin Top quality 45 year old parts, kept, packaged and shipped in this condition, for this money, is extremely good value
07.03.2016 andrew great quality Great part quality and quick shipping
08.03.2016 Pietro Perfect as usual with you Items as described and Quality perfect
04.07.2015 Carl Accurate Fantastic, accurate and patient service!
13.08.2015 Sun Lancia is a great car Thanks for your nice and quick sending parcel service. Your fast shipping and good quality service From my point of view, Lancia is a great car brand If you can set up a regular Lancia technique information or technique forums, then we are not alone any more in Lancia world.
31.12.2018 Arvid Very Good New parts,perfect condition.
09.03.2016 angelo excellent Felix is an excellent communicator
08.05.2016 Anders Berge Very good I am very pleased with the service
31.10.2016 Marek Great Everything as I expected
21.04.2016 Christopher The Quality was good, thank you. Some of the items were not what we required, not sure if that was a me not understanding the order software or another reason. This won't deter from using your service, but it does mean I have parts that are of no use to me but I'm sure will be needed by another member, at some time. Thank you
18.04.2016 Jason Brilliant The suspension bush fitted perfectly
07.03.2016 Bernd Very good All parts even the rebuilt ones fits well and works fine in the HPE Volumex.
02.11.2020 Gert Rautenbach good New
11.03.2016 Marc Good Happy to find these parts for my 79 Lancia Beta. Always a pleasure to do business with Felix.
22.04.2016 Justin Top quality The service provided by this operation is second to none!
14.04.2016 Ola Good The item was exactly as described.
08.03.2016 Ralf Perfect All good: new parts, in time. only the german custom-authorities were keen to open and charge extra... :-(
08.03.2016 Kurt Perfect parts Excellent, very quick and perfect parts
08.03.2016 chris Exactly as ordered Exactly as ordered
24.10.2016 Erik good I got what I ordered
21.11.2016 Jonathan Very good. New parts where new. Parts that were sold as "good used" were indeed in good condition. Very happy.
08.03.2016 Vasco Wonderful Some words just to say thank you!
17.03.2016 Jason Very good second hand item I think this was the Beta hood light, it was a very good second hand item
03.05.2016 Hajime Pretty good No crack. No rust.
13.11.2016 Robert The right window I received the right window today. I was happily surprised there was a used one in good condition, instead a new one with the ugly writing on it. So I want to thank you a thousand times for selling me the used one.
26.04.2016 Ricardo Good Still not tested the pump but seems fine. The pulley arrived broken, but I managed to weld it. Maybe next time a better package is recomendend.
25.04.2016 CORNE Parts were in very good condition Parts were in very good condition. service from you is very good. 100%
09.03.2016 Chris Parts are FANTASTIC! Parts are FANTASTIC! Thank you all for your help!
08.03.2016 GIOVANNI Good Best quality
16.05.2016 Andrew easy to use excellent Good feedback, follow ups easy to use great service helpful
16.05.2016 Thomas Great Nice communication.
02.05.2016 Chuck Phantastic Got it Done ! That was easy - fantastic Thanks Chuck
09.03.2016 Masataka Very good! I depend on this shop very much.
11.05.2016 Michele Sehr professionell Ihr seid sehr professionell Danke
04.05.2016 Thomas Very good Took some time to get it, but not your fault. Excellent communication.
19.05.2006 Johannes Bin nun überglücklich Vor zwei Tagen kam das Paket an und ich bin nun überglücklich ! Ich hoffe in Ihnen auch künftig einen guten Lieferanten für meinen Lancia Flavia zu haben. Ich werde Sie jedenfalls allen "Lancisti" empfehlen.
25.04.2016 Tim The parts you sell are outstanding Everything is fine, the parts you sell are outstanding, I am very pleased with your service. I have received everything you have ever sent to me.
30.05.2016 YOSHIHIRO It is new mostly. I'm thankful that there was still stock.
18.03.2010 TAKAYOSHI service and stock availability are best Much appreciate for your kind support. Purchase of three manuals was completed from special offer. Once arrival, .I order some of parts. So far I`v ordered parts to UK mainly. But in my point of view, You service and stock availability are best.
16.04.2016 George Good .
14.11.2016 Euan top quality items It was great to find someone who could supply the correct items even if it was from so far away.
21.12.2020 George . .
16.10.2017 Johann Very good All parts brand new
11.08.2014 Hilda Thank you so much Thank you so much !!. You are a great client over many years. We really do appreciate that
03.11.2016 Ralph Good Suitable to reconstruct cooling fan assembly
08.03.2016 Chris Excellent quality Recored radiator. Quality of recore very good. The only problem is that the each mounting brackets for the fan assembly has two small holes, whereas my radiator had one large hole on each bracket. Will attempt to re-drill brackets. This may be a problem with compatibility : Parts for UK market/parts for SA market
27.07.2016 Jason Excellent, made by Lancia Original 60 year old brake shoes in perfect condition, fitting my B20 a treat. Brakes have now done all 3 races of the 2016 Le Mans Classic
17.05.2016 Jason Looks great Good material and design
08.11.2016 Rebecca excellent service I want to thank you very much for an excellent service, it has been a pleasure dealing with you.
24.11.2012 Thomas It is indeed almost brand new The steering box has arrived in good order and there is still oil inside. It is indeed allmost brand new! I am really very happy and thank you again for your help.
25.07.2015 Nicola above and beyond You can refer your clients to ME and I will tell them straight up that you do EVERYTHING you can to make sure that we, your clients, are getting great service at a great price and that I have personally witnessed you, on multiple occasions, going above and beyond for us. On the other side of the coin though, maybe you don't want clients like that in your network anyway... Blame-stormers. Good luck to them finding better service, or for that matter, even finding internet in Woodstock at all.
04.09.2012 Eric I am happy and grateful For now the main thing I want to say is thank you for the work and the effort you put in-in organizing and importation. Without your effort and expertise, I doubt if this would have succeeded. I am happy and grateful for what you have done for me. Thank you very much.
19.12.2016 Gary Very good, exactly what I expected Used ignition switch with keys and wiring, all in good condition.
26.12.2016 Grant good Good
02.01.2017 Valter good original
07.02.2017 Christopher Great Nothing to say
30.01.2017 Tuure Excellent ! It was very good for Fiat Croma.
27.02.2017 Justin Excellent Excellent used hub bearing spacers.
27.11.2017 Colin good Original equipement
31.12.2018 Hanno good the part fitted my car perfectly and helped it pass its MoT
13.03.2017 Daniel Excellent Good quality original gasket, arrived in just over one week!
06.03.2017 Etienne good windscreen is a good quality windscreen manufactured by nordglas.received in one piece and fitted.
06.04.2017 jean michel very good original parts fiat/lancia
06.04.2017 jean michel very good original parts
10.04.2017 Sun good Good Original quality.
08.05.2017 Neil Good Yes...good quality. I did this link previously. Maybe it did not work correctly.
08.05.2017 Gerhard sehr gut gebraucht sehr guter Zustand
08.05.2017 Neil Good Yes...good quality. I did this link previously. Maybe it did not work correctly.
15.05.2017 Bernd very good OEM part
22.05.2017 Annemarie Very Good The wingmirror was refurbished and looks great. Original glass shows minor patina. The retaining ring which holds the mirror in place was a bit worn. I was not confident it would hold the mirror in securely enough, so used the one from my old mirror, which was in better condition. Everything else A1 - thanks for your help Felix
22.05.2017 Mattia Ok All as described
05.06.2017 Mogie Great Used parts but exactly what I needed.
25.05.2017 Thomas Good Good quality
04.05.2017 Dino Well As described
05.06.2017 meidad exellent fulvia s-1 mirror reconditioned, good job
12.06.2017 Bernd in Ordnung ok
13.06.2017 Robert good The part was in as new condition
03.07.2017 Etienne excellent very very good
26.06.2017 Brede Rosanowsky excellent OEM quality
24.07.2017 George good .
01.09.2017 Mark very good It was a workshop manual so there are limits to quality in both original production and reproduction but it was none the less very good
31.07.2017 Carlo Very Good Is correct and functionally
18.09.2017 George good .
18.09.2017 NIGEL Excellent Exactly as described - minimal wear and tear as expected for age and previous use. Arrived promptly.
18.09.2017 Miika Simply excellent New parts were, surprisingly, like new. Used part is in very Good condition as well.
20.09.2017 Schalk 100% 100%
31.10.2017 Janez Good Good
03.12.2017 Konstantin spare part of very high quality and very good cond the part in good condition, clean and very well packaged.
30.10.2017 Ben Perfect thank you Parts were exactly as ordered. I thank you for the duplicate, I can merge them together to form one good part
23.10.2017 Andrew Perfect Perfect
16.10.2017 Cindy Amazing Service I would like to thank you for providing such amazing service it will surley be missed. I wish you all the best in the years to come. And will reffer you to the next tenants of flat 416 church square.
06.11.2017 Leonard good It fits and worked
20.11.2017 George The quality of the parts was very good The parts received were of great quality and matched the existing part exactly.
01.01.2018 Mark Very good The parts arrived safe & sound & fairly quickly
03.01.2018 Andrew good excellent
07.01.2018 Jan Erik Perfect quality The tools are reproduced but exact similar to the orignal both in function and quality
19.01.2018 jean michel very good almost a new master cylinder
05.02.2018 Andrew good good
19.02.2018 Carlo Excellent Bonnet stay
22.01.2018 Lorenzo Excellent Very good
15.01.2018 Marnix new NOS part, with a little bit of storage wear as was to be expected.
19.02.2018 Philippe Perfect. The bushes are perfect. I will soon replace the old one.
12.03.2018 Andreas good very detailled
19.03.2018 marcelo very good A new FAG bearing
03.04.2018 Dieter Super Qualität der Verchromung Die Nummernbeleuchtung ist angekommen. Super Qualität der Verchromung. Vielen Dank.Ich habe grosse Freude das Warten hat sich gelohnt.Die Plastikabdeckung für das Licht und die Appia Schrift habe ich sowieso noch perfekt vom Original.
16.05.2018 Thomas Good excellent kit for water pump excellent replies and support from Felix
28.05.2018 Etienne Excellent Brand new, still packed with grease
28.05.2018 Dieter Super perfekt in form ans chroming
03.01.2019 Giuseppe good good quality part
29.05.2018 Viktor Ferenc The used parts were in good condition All the used parts are fine, thank you again, except the shield exhaust, that was broken, but i can use it as a muster for a new one.
02.06.2018 Alexander Excellent Part is a brand new item which makes it perfact.
04.06.2018 andrew great good
04.06.2018 Brett Excellent Brake master cylinder
04.06.2018 Anthony Very nice, perfect fit ! The welds are good and the part is a perfect fit.
07.06.2018 Bernd very good condition used but in very good condition
08.06.2018 Barry Pefect Rare Original equipment manufacturer parts.
29.06.2018 philippe Très bonne qualité Bonjour, Colis bien reçu.
02.07.2018 Bernd used as described but in good condition wiper arms original parts
02.07.2018 Günter good OE quality
03.07.2018 mark perfect this seller is amazing thank you so much
09.07.2018 Simone Perfect! Really good!
09.07.2018 Rob Excellent Excellent
18.07.2018 Diego Best Great service.
23.07.2018 Simon Perfect Absolutely perfect
04.09.2017 George good good
28.05.2018 Clive good good
09.07.2018 Viktor Ferenc The used parts were in good condition Every part was in an excellent condition and very usefull for me.
14.11.2015 Vasco Phantastic Thank you for item. I got it yesterday and everything was fantastic, from communication to shipping.
08.09.2016 BRUCE Excellent I ordered a new air filter as well other reconditioned parts. The professional service received from the team was first class. Thank you Felix.
30.05.2016 Pasquale Einwandfrei :-) Alles bestens.
10.03.2017 Robert Perfect Exactly what I needed
07.01.2019 marcelo Excellent Good brand and correct item
27.08.2018 Giuseppe Top New, originally packed
29.10.2018 Jens new & original Wie beschrieben, neue Bosch-Entstörkondensatoren. Danke, waren wahrscheinlich die letzten Originalteile auf dieser Welt :-)
05.11.2018 Chih hsin Good Good
18.11.2018 Alan Excellent New and very good
12.11.2018 John brand new good quality rubber seal
12.11.2018 John good good quality used parts
13.11.2018 John very good Used, but as good as new.
07.01.2019 marcelo Excellent Good brand and correct item
28.01.2019 thomas excellent all good and happy with the parts, love the sunvisors
22.06.2020 Peter Perfect Looks new
04.02.2019 Louis excellent-hammered a bit as you said Felix steering drop arm. Have you found me another one plus a couple of idler arms yet kind regards Louis
18.02.2019 Wolfgang very good One brand new and one part as defined bwfore ordering
18.02.2019 Clive good The parts were incorrect. To return them would cost more money than the parts are worth. The correct parts were sent to me by "Flat Four Racing" in Killarney Gardens,Cape
08.03.2019 Guido Good Rare item for reasonable price
24.03.2019 Marten super they were new. so same quality.
24.03.2019 Marten new new.
26.03.2019 Dirk great even the colour of the headrests was fitting
01.04.2019 Ben Great As described thank you
03.04.2019 Marten new new
15.04.2019 Marcel ok As described
29.04.2019 Matthias perfect SKF Quality bearings. TOP
29.04.2019 Louie Good but my fault I chose wrong model type oops Good clean grill , unfortunately I didn’t do my research and the grill is for a different flavia . My bad
20.05.2019 David Excellent Well packaged and excellent quality
25.06.2019 Ernst 100% Delivery was perfect as were the parts.
01.07.2019 Hébert very good good quality and work correctly
03.07.2019 Alexander Excellent Original faultless item
08.07.2019 Michael Good Was ordered Shim valve 4.7x1Psc and 4.5x2Pcs. Really received 4.7x1Pcs, 4.5x1Pcs, 4.6x1Pcs. Nevertheless, Customer agree new part.
15.07.2019 Ben excellent As described, no marks or dents, perfect, thank you
22.07.2019 Chris perfect care and attention paid
14.08.2019 Bjarne fine I got the ordered parts, fine
10.06.2019 Justin perfect Box and part very good, but a paid a lot of tax
19.08.2019 Carl Very good! Excellent
19.08.2019 Masataka Very Good Although it is secondhand goods, there is little rust and the level is good.
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